iLovina | I am Lovina!
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I am Lovina, age 10. I want to share my life with you and I hope you’re going to like it.

So go around the site and have fun watching my videos!

My Favourite Things

You can see the things I like here.

My Videos & Movies

These are the videos and movies I made.

My Pictures & Stuff

My best moments captured on camera!

My Favourite Verses

Let’s see how well you know me!

What Is My Favourite Colour?

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Purple, of course!!

Which Month Was i Born?

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December! So obvious.

Chicken pie or Filet o fish

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Filet o fish ALWAYS wins!

Apple juice or Pineapple juice?

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Pineapple juice! Mmm!

Cats or dogs?

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Dogs! They are so cute!

English or Maths?

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English! Yes I love writing.